Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

Yiu Kit Ching Christy.

Someone said Christy possibly is the best female long-distance runner Hong Kong has ever produced. Christy is the Hong Kong Record holder for distances ranging from 3,000m steeplechase to the half-marathon. Her personal goal set on qualifying for the 2024 Olympic Games.

“Hammer acts as the rechargeable batteries, which keep enriching my energy and refreshing my mind throughout the training. It is critical for endurance sports like marathon to maintain the body fitness from the beginning tilt the end.”


Leung Ying Suet

Suet is ranked the top HongKonger on International Trail Running Association (ITRA) points.

“Hammer is my key electrolyte supplements that can be taken prior to, during and after race to prevent cramping and muscle aches especially in hot weather.”


Lena Tsang

Since her debut in October 2016, she won the First Asian Women’s team in the Spartan World Championship 2018. She has become one Hong Kong’s top ranked obstacle course racers, a Spartan Race ambassador and an avid trail-runner.

“Hammer energy gel is my favourite, easy to swallow and fully charge energy to your body”


Gary Lui

Gary is an experienced Triathlon coach who is the founder and head coach in AustSports Association. Gary completed back to back Ironman in 2018, also he is qualified Ironman coach.

“Hammer is the key to help my recovery speed up so that I am able to train huge amount hours in my preparation and complete the back to back Ironman successfully.”


Sonic Sports Association (SSA) was founded by elite Hong Kong Triathletes, registered coaches and sports enthusiasts in year 2003.

The association is a registered non-profit organization and an affiliate of the Hong Kong Triathlon Association.

SSA aims to promote the sports of triathlon by providing training courses ranging from introductory to elite levels and by encouraging participation in both local and overseas triathlon events.

The ultimate goal is to create a community where its members can improve their health, enhance their physical abilities, and build friendships while enjoying the sport of Triathlon.